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Swiftkey 3 keyboard Free is a simple application that, once installed, helps you type much quicker on your Android terminal by intelligently correcting all the mistakes you make - something common on on touch screens - as you go.

The application learns your most commonly used words and phrases and uses them to predict your next phrase and stay one step ahead of you while you type. When you start typing a new sentence, a list of suggestions will appear in the upper part of the screen, you simply touch one of them to enter it into the text.

The various configuration menus on SwiftKey 3 Keyboard Free offer a whole range of options to change the look and, more importantly, allow you to synchronize it with your Facebook and Twitter profiles. This way, it can learn the names you use often and your writing style quickly and easily and thereby offer you the best suggestions.

SwiftKey 3 Keyboard Free is a very useful tool, allowing its users to type much faster on the touch screen of any Android device.

One month trial.

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